Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of Alumawood aluminum patio covers?
  A: Alumawood™ patio covers are constructed of embossed aluminum with a textured wood-grain finish. The structures are built with heavy header beams and a weather-resistant Aluma-Shield paint system with Teflon® additive that withstands sun, rain, wind, and extreme temperatures. Alumawood structures need virtually no maintenance. Unlike real wood, Alumawood shade structures won’t burn, crack, peel, warp, rot, or attract termites. Using Alumawood patio covers is also friendly to the environment because it helps preserve forests. Our Alumawood patio covers are also made of recycled aluminum. Alumawood shade structures come in two different styles to suit your needs. If you want added shade but prefer partial sun and refreshing breezes, our Laguna lattice patio cover is the ideal solution. However, our Newport solid roof patio cover provides you and your outdoor furniture with the best protection against the elements. You’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor living space even when the weather isn’t ideal.  
Q: How does the cost of an Alumawood Aluminum patio cover compare to that of real wood?

A: The cost of materials for an Alumawood™ patio cover is comparable to that of a wooden shade structure. However, Alumawood™ patio covers cost less in the long run because you’ll never need to scrape, paint, or repair them.

Q: What colors are available for Alumawood patio covers?

A: Alumawood™ patio covers are available in six classic colors: White, Desert Sand, Sonora Beige, Mojave Tan, Latte, and Adobe.

Q: Does an Alumawood patio cover support attached or installed items such as ceiling fans?

A: Other than a ceiling fan as per the specific engineering detail, our engineering does not support anything installed on top of or hanging from our Alumawood™ products.

Q: Do you provide a warranty on your Alumawood patio covers?

A: Yes, we do provide a written lifetime limited warranty for our Alumawood patio cover products.

Q: How do you clean an Alumawood patio cover?

A: Alumawood patio covers are considered a low maintenance product. We manufacture Alumawood patio cover by painting the aluminum ourselves using a state-of-the-art continuous coating process and an extremely anti-corrosive Teflon® paint system. We also recommend that you periodically spray down the cover with a water and soap solution to rid the surface of dirt and/or lime build-up. See the Care and Cleaning Instructions found in our patio products lifetime limited warranty for more details.